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Using The DG Calendar

By Donald W. Larson

Version 1.0, October 17, 2000

Using The DG Calendar

The DG calendar feature provides a way to view messages posted on days that are displayed as hyper-links. The next diagram helps explain this.

DG_Calendar_Image picture

Now let's learn a little about the options on each message page.

  • Edit, If you are the author of the message, you may edit it by clicking this link, making changes, and submitting them. Conversant will update the status of the message.

  • Next, clicking this moves you forward to the next message number

  • Previous, clicking this brings you to the most previous message number

  • Reply, You may reply to any message and Conversant will list all submitted replies under the message responded to.

  • Thread, clicking this displays the entire list of related messages (the "thread of discussion")

  • Top, clicking this takes you to the top message

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