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Message Macro: msgCreationDate




Returns the creation date/time of a message.

Optional Attributes:

  • msgNum="[number/special value]" : Used to override the context's default message number. Values can be the number of a message, or relative to the context's message. Acceptable relative values are: "next" (next valid message), "prev" (previous valid message), "nextThread" (top of next thread), "prevThread" (top of previous thread), "top" (first message in current thread), "inresponseto" (the message the current message is a reply to).
  • time="[true/false]" : If true, display the time along with the date. Default: false
  • date="[true/false]" : If false, omit the date (use with time="true" to display only the time). Default: true
  • longdate="[true/false]" : If true, display the date as a long text string in the format "Thursday, May 1, 2000". Ignored if the date attribute has been provided, and is false. Default: false
  • timezoneoffset="[number of minutes]" : If present, the date will be display using this number of minutes before or after GMT, ie, "-360" is Eastern Standard Time, US. Default: user's timezone.
  • urlencode="[true/false]" : If true, encode the the returned text for use in a URL. Default: false
  • entify="[true/false]" : If true, return the text with special html characters entified. Default: false
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