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Reserved File Names in Conversant Web Sites

There are a number of words that can not be used for the names of files or folders in a Conversant-hosted site.

Using these as names would cause conflicts with some of Conversant's internal data structure, immediately causing problems in other areas of your web site.

  • filters
  • includenewinsort
  • ipbanning
  • javascript
  • javascripts
  • labels
  • localizations
  • log_subscribers
  • navbars
  • objectnotfoundhandler
  • omitfromsort
  • pagetitle
  • prefs
  • rendertablewith
  • resources
  • sortdescending
  • sortedlist
  • sortedlistfilesonly
  • sortorder
  • sorttable
  • stylesheet
  • stylesheets
  • template
  • templates
  • tools
  • webaccesstype
  • weblog_data
  • weblog_pages

Reserved Prefixes

In addition to the reserved words, file and folder names can not begin with '#' (the pound/number sign), "conv_" or "magicnavbar".

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