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How-to: Using NNTP News Clients

Your Free-Conversant site can be accessed via a News client (like Netscape Communicator, Outlook Express, etc.). You don't have to do anything to turn this feature on. It's on by default, in all sites.

Just set up a new server in your News client. The domain name for the server is "". You'll need to provide your login information also. All news clients are configured differently, but most all of them have the necessary settings somewhere in their preferences.


That's just an example NEWS url, to bring you to the newsgroup for this site. Your site would probably end with something like /your-zone.your-conversation (zone and conversation are usually the same), instead of /

Once the new server is set up, you should see a list of the Conversant sites on our server that you are a member of. If you've never signed up as a member of anybody else's site (including this support site), then you'll only see one newsgroup: your own.

Replying to a message in the newsgroup will automatically add a page to your site on the web, and then your new message will show up in the list of postings for your newsgroup.

Congratulations! You're updating your website via a news client!

(You could say that your newsgroup is managed by a web browser, if you like.) View in DG