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Weblogs In Conversant!

As of March 21, 2000, every Free-Conversant site has a powerful, new set of tools for managing weblogs!

What is a Weblog?

A weblog is typically a personal page containing lots of links, news, commentary, and opinions. Weblogs are typically updated at least once per day... usually more often than that.

There are lots of "webloggers" (or "bloggers") out there, managing lots of weblogs. Two well-respected and well-known weblogs are  Scripting News  and who both have many thousands of readers on a daily basis. Some smaller (and more personal) weblogs include  blackholebrain, Bump, and (these are just examples, there are literally thousands to choose from).

Weblogs typically serve one of three purposes: they're either used as a personal space to tell people what you know and what you're thinking about, as a news page to share news with your guests (company news, fan-club news, family news, whatever), or as a way to keep employees or team-members up to date on the latest goings-on.

The final point about weblogs is that they're typically "time-based". You post new items to your weblog on a regular basis, and people can come back and see what's been added since you left. The best weblogs also keep a history of everything that's been posted, typically by providing either a "browsable calendar" interface, or a long listing of all of the messages/stories that have been posted.

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