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Subject Radio Userland Weblog Mirroring
Posted 1/16/2002; 12:51 PM by Greg Pierce
Last Modified 1/16/2002; 12:54 PM by Greg Pierce
In Response To [ANN] Blogger API support (#4215)
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Using the new Blogger API support in Conversant, you can have Radio Userland mirror it's weblog posts to a Conversant-based weblog, without writing any code!

First, download and install Radio Userland...

Once you have establish your Radio configuration, download and install the Manilla-BloggerBridge Tool and follow the setup instructions on this page:

To configure mirroring to a Conversant site, your settings in Radio Userland, at Tools-<Manilla-Blogger Bridge Tool should be configured as follows:


Server: This should be the address to the server hosting your site. For all Free-Conversant sites, this value will be "". For paying customers with their own domains, use the base url of the conversation's website.

Port: This should always be 80.

Path: This should always by "/RPC2".

Blog ID: This value should be "zoneId|convId|pathToWeblog". To break that down, zoneId is the name of the zone containing the conversation on the server. convId is the name of the conversation in that zone, which contains the weblog. If you have a Free-Conversant site, these values will be the same. pathToWeblog is the remaining portion of the url used to get to the weblog after you remove the base url of the conversation's home page. So, if you have a free site with a weblog at the URL "", pathToWeblog would simply be "myWeblog".

Username: The email address you use to logon to the conversation.

Password: The password you use to logon to the conversation.

Also, make sure the "Check this box to enable mirroring on the site described below" box is check, and submit the page to save your settings.

After completing this setup, all new/edit/deleted posts you make in Radio will be mirrored on your conversation's weblog.

Note: Manilla and Blogger do not use subjects in their weblog postings. In the structure editor of your admin site, you may set a property on the weblog page called "Blogger API Subject", which will be the value given in the subject field for posts received via the Radio link. If you plan to post this way regularly, you may wish to remove the >--#subject--< macro from the weblog item template in the structure editor as well to prevent showing this same subject over and over.

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